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Arm and Leg Curl

armandlegcurlActions:Bicep curl, biceps extension, reverse curl, tricep pushdown, upright row, reverse row, leg extension, leg curl.

Benefits: The Arm and Leg Curl is an advanced multi-functional machine combining 8 different functions that exercise six different body parts. Upper body functions include an arm curl and bicep extension combination for the front of the upper arm. A change of grip gives a reverse curl and tricep pushdown for the back of the upper arms. An upright row and reverse row for the trapezius and neck muscles is also possible as is a leg extension for the quadriceps and a leg curl for the hamstrings. The leg curl is particularly effective at tightening the gluteal muscles of the hip.

Combined functions develop shape and strength in the arms, legs and shoulders, improves posture by working the rhomboidus muscles and improve joint mobility in the shoulders, elbows and knees.