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A bit of common sense

The Best is Yet to Come: How to Live Stronger, Longer, and Happier with an Over 50 Exercise Program

It is very normal to take your body for granted, most men and women do. In your youth, you probably neglected and mistreated your body and it never failed you.

A couple of decades ago, you could probably work for 12 hours straight, devour a pizza, and spend the evening in front of the TV and know that your body would be in great condition for a game of tennis that weekend.

However, it was only a matter of time before the mistakes of your past began to take their toll.

You might have noticed a new crick in your back as you carry in the groceries, possibly your jeans seem to creep up a size each year, or perhaps you are concerned with the increasing number of prescriptions accumulating in your medicine cabinet.

If you suspect these are warning signs of more serious problems yet to come, you are right. However, today is a great day to reclaim your health and freedom by beginning an over 50 exercise program.

Exercise Can Save Your Life and Independence

As you age you are increasingly more at risk of losing your health, independence, and even life.

82% of people who die from coronary heart disease are over 50, the average age for men being 64 and for women 70.

Obesity rates are the highest they have ever been and 60% of all obese senior citizens will suffer a critical or fatal illness related to their weight, including uncontrolled diabetes.

Recently, studies have shown that the number of Alzheimer’s and other age related dementia cases have swelled to all time highs.

However, it is not only your body and mind that suffer from poor health. Right now you enjoy the ability to complete basic tasks like grocery shopping and laundry, but every year, you lose 2- 5% of your muscle strength and 2- 3% of your bone density.

After age 70, this decline accelerates. As this deterioration progresses, you will not be able to complete these fundamental tasks and you will lose your independence.

There is a much better health and happiness outlook for the men and women who exercise over 50. These people have a proven ability to actually increase bone density and muscle mass.

Exercise can help you raise your High-Density Lipoproteins, known as “good cholesterol”, and lower your Low-Density Lipoproteins, known as “bad cholesterol”, and your blood pressure.

In addition to improving your cholesterol, it strengthens your heart, lungs, and cardiovascular system. A 30 minute workout each day can cut the risk of heart disease by 40% in women and over 55% in men.

Also, it takes 40 more calories per pound each day to support muscle mass versus fat.

The natural muscle growth that occurs with a good exercise regiment greatly reduces your risks of obesity related problems. Additionally, this muscle growth will give you the strength to function independently well into your 70s or later.