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70 year olds prompt action saves Farmhouse

The 70-year-old Pete Lanon, who owns Friendly Gym in Lytham, was driving past a farmhouse with a colleague when he saw the fire. He said: “By the time I got to the end of the road, I knew I had to do something".

“The window had already blown out in the downstairs of the property and we could see it was well alight. We noticed the garden hose so grabbed it and started dousing the flames through the window. I was worried there would be an explosion and we took it in turns to hold the hose until fire crews arrived.”

petesmugshotMr Landon was later contacted by a very thankful owner of the property. Mr Landon added: “I was happy to help the owner. He said fire crews believed we helped prevent the fire spreading with our actions. I just hope he’ll never have to do the same for me.”

Watch manager Alistair McLean of St Annes fire station, said: “His actions stopped it getting worse. Where he was putting water was directly onto the fire so it did have an effect in subduing it. The fire was contained but it had the potential had that water not been put on to spread through to the main part of the farm building".

“It’s something we wouldn’t recommend people to do, but on this occasion it did actually work and made a big difference.”

John Taylor, spokesman from Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, today praised both men for their bravery. He said: “These were generous and public-spirited actions and we are grateful to the men for their intervention".

“Have-a-go-heroes like these men do pose a dilemma for the Fire Service as we’d never recommend anybody putting themselves in danger. But we are extremely glad there was a positive outcome to their actions. All too often these days we see the consequences of people who turn a blind eye and don’t help others.”