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Friendly Gym Owner Pete Landon has a boyhood dream come true!

To ride a speedway bike was a boyhood dream, my parents used to take me every week to Hanley Speedway from 1947 onwards and through the 1950s.


It was an exciting time I could hardly wait for the next weekly meeting at the Sun Street track. I still remember the riders names from that time, they were like gods to me, Les Jenkins, Ray Harris, Gil Blake, Bill Harris, Ken Adams, Stan Bradbury,  Brian Pritchett are the ones I remember.


Little did I realise when reminiscing about those days, I quoted the one regret I had in life was that I had never fulfilled my dream of riding a speedway bike round a proper dirt track. You can’t imagine how thrilled I was when I received a surprise 73rd birthday present from his son Parrish of a Ride’n’Slide day giving me the chance to live my dream. Even better Parrish joined me on the day at the famous Coventry Bees Speedway Track.



 Thank you Parrish for a fantastic day, it just shows even at 73 years old it’s never too late to grab a blast from the past.