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Q: When is a gym not a gym?... A: When it's a Friendly Gym

This overview is not merely an introduction to the exciting new exercise science of assisted exercise. It is far more than that. A defence, if any were needed, of the need to exercise. A celebration of the glorious, life improving benefits of being and feeling fit and in great shape.

The no pain, no gain myth

As with most things in life, there is always more than one way to achieve one’s goals, whether they are social, economic, psychological or physiological. To achieve physical goals of fitness and good health requires an active lifestyle, but this can take many forms. For those that like to participate in sport, or enjoy the ‘pain’ of strenuous exercise, traditional exercise serves them well, but traditional ways of exercising can be off putting. Not everyone finds jogging or aerobics appealing and for most people, gymnasiums are particularly unattractive. It’s not just the ‘super bodies’ that are intimidating, part of the problem is that most gyms are equipped with resistance machines designed for Olympic weight lifters and have little in common with the overweight, the de-conditioned, the beginner or the older generation. For the more mature and older generation however, assisted exercise points the way to a better life. Here is a totally new way to exercise, containing all the remarkable benefits of an effective body-conditioning programme, but omitting the pain, the stress, the time commitment, and the boredom. Assisted exercise takes the ‘work’ out of the workout, puts ‘fun’ into exercise and lets everyone join in regardless of age or condition.


Gain without pain?

Assisted exercise is possible because of the unique exercise machines. So, what makes these exercise machines different?, well they certainly look different to other exercise equipment. Their attractive design, padded upholstery and aesthetic curves would look equally at home in a luxury hotel lounge as they would in the gymnasium. But is there more to it than that? Is the difference merely cosmetic, or have these unique exercise machines really created an exercise revolution?. If a bicycle was invented that was more comfortable, smoother to use, and had better gears than its predecessors, you would probably say a that’s a great bike, but it is still a bike. It hasn’t redefined cycling as we know it, but that’s not the case with assisted exercise equipment. These machines are still exercise equipment, but that’s where the similarity ends. They are smoother, more comfortable and more enjoyable to use than anything that has gone before, but the concept is different too. Assisted exercise machines break the mold where exercise is concerned. They change the rules. This exercise equipment actually does make exercise easy.

30 minute programmes

Assisted exercise equipment removes most of the reasons for not exercising. Here is a system that allows the user to reap the rewards of a quality exercise programme in less than half the time of traditional exercise. There is no time to get bored. There is no pain or strain. Assisted exercise machines are motorised to share the work with the exerciser, this unique effect is called 'assisted exercise' and makes exercise easy and enjoyable with half the effort. Best of all, results come quickly. Far faster than is possible with traditional exercise methods.

Exercise for everybody

So what results can be expected from an assisted exercise programme?. Benefits can vary enormously and are as diverse as the exercisers themselves. For many people, inch loss is the prime motivation for exercising. Achieving a firmer, leaner body is a major preoccupation for people of all ages and toning and strengthening muscles will achieve this.

Fast Results

Assisted exercise tones and strengthens muscles more effectively than most systems that have gone before it. Just a few sessions can produce dramatic toning and inch loss throughout the whole body. When weight loss is necessary, these programmes really come into there own. Unlike some other forms of training, this system has excellent fat burning potential and effectively raises metabolic rate. The compound movements of the assisted exercise machines mean that large muscle groups of the trunk and thighs are worked simultaneously, so more calories are spent whilst exercising than is possible with most conventional equipment.

Figure improvement

The combined effect of increased calorie expenditure and fat reduction, along with improved muscle tone and posture, is that dramatic figure improvement is possible within weeks, rather than months.

Protecting the heart

The programmes can also provide cardio vascular fitness. The benefits of cardio vascular exercise are well researched and documented. They include increased energy, better circulation and joint mobility, an improved immune system and reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, thrombosis, hypertension, respiratory problems and certain cancers.

Dramatic health benefits

Many arthritis and lower back pain sufferers have reported major improvements in their condition.

Live younger, longer

Thousands of women are already experiencing the life changing benefits that exercise can provide. Whilst traditional gymnasiums cater exclusively for exercise enthusiasts and the lycra clad super - bodies, it is assisted exercise at the Friendly Gym Northwich that offers hope to the older generation.