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Exercise in the 1990s and into the 21st Century

Tens of thousands of women used Toning Tables in the early 90’s. Most were overweight. Almost all were deconditioned. Even without the benefit of weight loss and aerobic fitness, the original, basic Toning Tables at least offered a modicum of muscle toning and joint mobility. Despite their limitations, the early Toning Tables got many deconditioned people back into exercise.

Sadly, most users soon became bored with the limitations of the early Toning Tables, with no cardiovascular effect and very limited range of movement, they quickly returned to their sedentary lifestyles. Something more was needed and assisted exercise was just around the corner.

The 21st Century

With the arrival of assisted exercise it is possible for the deconditioned population to take up exercising in far greater numbers than ever before. Whilst the early Toning Tables could provide only limited benefits to its clients, the assisted exercise machines have so much more to offer. With these exciting new exercise machines, the deconditioned population has the opportunity to achieve their goals without stress and with very little effort. Improved body shape and weight loss can be allied to cardio vascular fitness, better posture, increased energy and vitality.

Whilst most deconditioned people have been wanting to exercise for some considerable time, they have been let down by the fitness profession. They want facilities that care enough about them to provide exclusively for their needs. They want a non - intimidating environment. They want equipment that is easy to use. What they don’t want is equipment that has been designed for the exercise fanatic or the super fit, and they most certainly do not want to share a facility with super fit, hard bodied exercisers.

Just as they were once prepared to take up exercise in the 60’s and 70’s when Health Clubs specifically targeted them, so will deconditioned people do so again in ever increasing numbers, but only on their own terms. Using the latest technology available, the evolution of exercise machines has been propelled into the 21st century. With the new assisted exercise machines, exercise will never be the same again.