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11 easy ways to increase your activity rate

1. Don't use the lift take the stairs, use the stairs for extra activity by walking up and down during free time.

2. Don't buy milk or bread from the supermarket, walk to your local shops.

3. If you drive to work, park half a mile away and walk.

4. If you take the bus get off three or four stops early and walk the rest of the way.

5. During nice weather pack a lunch and walk to the park during lunch hour.

6. While watching TV use the commercial breaks to do stretching and light exercise, for every 3 hours of viewing you could do 30 minutes of exercise without missing a thing.

7. Disconnect the most convenient phone in the house or when on your mobile phone or cordless home phone, walk around while you talk.

8. Take the dog for a walk twice a day or if you don't have a dog, go for a short walk before breakfast and after dinner.

9. Meet your friend in the park for a brisk walk instead of in the coffee and cake shop.

10. Several times a day, take a few moments to move around and stretch your legs, regardless of what you are doing.

11. Develop a positive attitude to become a more active person and stay on the look out for everyday opportunities to spend more calories.