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Ginny age 65

“I appreciate the supportive and encouraging environment created by all the staff and the specific encouragement they give me. I am motivated to lose weight etc., but their support makes all the difference” 

Deborah, Aged 21

I have found going to the centre great, very easy, not time consuming, nice to have a good chat. I have gone from a size 22 to a size 16 and I am still losing. (Lytham ladies only Friendly Gym)

Theresa age 60

 “I love the gym and how it has improved my condition, I have more stamina and plan what I do around my gym appointment times, so that I use my time more efficiently. The staff are extremely helpful, knowledgeable and support us” 

Mandy, Aged 37

Much fitter, toning up incredibly, have lost weight whilst not dieting, cant believe the difference, didn't expect it to work as well and enjoy it at the same time. (Lytham ladies only Friendly Gym)


“My mobility has improved and I am more focused physically and mentally - and yes happier!” 

Jennifer, Aged 60

More toned, definitely fitter, now in a smaller dress size, no more cramp at night. Hopefully loss of weight and inches will reduce my blood pressure. Thank you for making it a pleasure. (Northwich Friendly Gym)

Ann age 56

 “Lovely staff, great place to meet people and keep fit at the same time. Thanks for all the drinks, chats, company, friendliness and most of all a smile, I enjoy visiting the Friendly Gym very much” 

Moira, Aged 59

I get less puffed when walking up hills. I am much more mobile and less stiff in the morning. Friendly Gym has really given me a kick-start. I am now fitter and weigh less. The staff are really supportive and encouraging even about relatively small improvements. (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)

Dorothy age 75

“Going to the Friendly Gym was my very best decision, it really has motivated me so much and I am so thankful that I took the first step and joined” 

Joyce, Aged 76

My knee is less painful and more flexible. I can walk easier and have lost 8 inches overall. (Lytham ladies only Friendly Gym)

Carol age 63

 “Best gym for people my age and fitness, no lycra and no undue strain on my body” 

Elizabeth, Aged 61

I feel much fitter and the programme has lowered my blood pressure and my joints are more mobile and I have lost 14 and three quarter inches. I love coming to easy exercise and meeting new people. (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)

Janet age 51

 “The first gym I've committed to! I don't get bored due to machines operating two and a half minutes each, chatting makes it fun, the appointment system ensures I keep coming back, it suits me really well” 

Jacqueline, Aged 61

The exercise has improved mobility in my right hip, which is pinned. I enjoy going to the centre, I have more energy. To strengthen my arms and legs and to get fit is more important to me than weight loss. (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)

Diane age 65

 “Wonderful place, great atmosphere, staff are superb, I love it, how do you improve on perfection,” 

Margaret, Aged 80

I am definitely fitter and more toned and it's good to be able to exercise without putting strain on my lame leg. Staff all very pleasant, helpful and cheerful, making it a nice experience. (Lytham ladies only Friendly Gym)

Eileen age 58

“I find the machines are very good, especially for me because I have a balance problem, I am now able to walk better and have strength back in all my limbs” 

Helene, Aged 78

I get on and off the machines with great ease, my back and hip feel better and I find the Friendly Gym a good discipline and hope to get my legs stronger and lose some weight. (Lytham ladies only Friendly Gym)

Cynthia age 63

“The friendly staff give all the encouragement needed, it certainly lives up to its name Friendly Gym” 

Rachel, Aged 41

I feel much fitter and more toned. Have fewer problems with left hip and shoulder. (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)

Pam age 70

 “Friendly Gym is a very welcoming place with a relaxed atmosphere and the staff are very friendly and helpful, the special machines are easy to use and ideal for maintaining flexibility and mobility” 

Janet, Aged 52

I really enjoy coming to the Friendly Gym, it never feels like a chore, it's something I really enjoy and not something I do because I think I should. (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)


“When I first started at the gym my metabolic age was 89 years, after only two months it was down to my current age 69" 

Pam, Aged 44

I am pleased with the results; I have become much fitter and toned and have made lots of new friends. (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)

M age 45

 “After going through breast cancer and chemotherapy, I was weak and needed to build up gradually, and now I feel so much more energetic and fit “

Susan, Aged 57

My body shape is changing, my waist is trying to make a come back. I have lost a stone and have more stamina also sleeping better. (Lytham ladies only Friendly Gym)

Pat age 62

“Very happy with Friendly Gym, glad I found it, helped with frozen shoulder and knee problem, I now walk better and have more mobility in knee and shoulder, would recommend it, lovely friendly staff” 

Pauline, Aged 49

I have lost 11 inches since attending the Friendly Gym and I am now a lot fitter and toned. I always look forward to my exercise each day. (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)


 “I cannot go to any other gym, Friendly Gym is perfect to help keep my strength up and my mobility, I have to be quite strong in my arms to use my crutches, nothing is to much trouble for the staff, they are all very friendly and helpful” 

Anita, Aged 35

All the staff are lovely, very friendly relaxed atmosphere, love the 30 minute workout (time being a limiting factor for me). Really enjoy using the easy equipment, really does make exercise easy and keeping fit fun. (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)

Adele age 53

 “I was unsure as to whether I should try Friendly Gym as I had bad experiences of gym’s. I have been surprised how different Friendly Gym is. Right from the first visit I knew that I would join and I actually look forward to my visits. I love it!” 

Michelle, Aged 34

Easy motorised type of exercise suits me, I've lost weight and inches and would recommend easy to anyone. (Lytham ladies only Friendly Gym)

Kim age 54

 “A relaxed, agreeable, friendly environment, staff make you most welcome every visit, but no unwelcome pressure”. 

Judith, Aged 60

It is the perfect exercise for me, I used to hate the time it took to go to a normal gym, get changed, wait for equipment to exercise, and then get changed again. At Friendly I'm in, done and out in only 30 minutes. Good company, great atmosphere, I can work as hard and have as many visits as I want, what could be easier? (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)

Jacqui age 51

 “Nice atmosphere, where exercise and having a chat go hand in hand”. 

Rose, Aged 48

I am more energetic and more agile and enjoy the company of other exercisers in a very enjoyable atmosphere. (Lytham ladies only Friendly Gym)

Sue age 67

“Love it! I feel so much better and I love all my new gym buddies, Thank you”. 

Margaret, Aged 66

Definitely feel fitter and more toned, I have lost 15 inches and I haven't had any backache for ages and my ankles aren't as painful as before. (northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)

Joanne Bowen

My Name is Joanne Bowen and I have been a member of the Friendly Gym for the last 3 months.

I have spoken to you briefly in the past about how Friendly Gym has completely changed my life.

I have Fibromyalgia and was on morphine for pain and was unable to walk more than 100 yards without being in severe pain all over my body. I could only work 10 hours per week as anymore was just too much for me.

Within a couple of weeks of joining the Friendly Gym my whole life has changed, I have now stopped taking morphine, I am able to walk a lot further and I have more energy. I can't believe how a simple half hour workout has dramatically improved my condition.

Carole, Aged 58

I have lost over 40 inches and over 3 stone, I have greatly benefitted from Friendly Gym and feel younger and fitter. Thank you. (Lytham ladies only Friendly Gym)

Carole, Aged 58

“I have lost over 40 inches and more than 3 stone, and I feel younger and fitter.” - Thank you Friendly Gym

Avis, Aged 63

I am noticeably stronger and can get up the hills easier. (Lytham ladies only Friendly Gym)

Barbara, Aged 64

I feel a lot more positive about myself and have lost weight and inches, and have benefited both physically and mentally since joining Friendly Gym


I have a lot more energy than I did before joining the Friendly Gym (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)

Jennifer, Aged 78

Arms and legs seem stronger; mobility improved can walk 4 miles with ease, a very nice friendly atmosphere in the club.

Rita, Aged 50

I am always welcomed and well looked after by the staff. (Lytham ladies only Friendly Gym)

Rosemary, Aged 61

Very much fitter and have lost 7 inches so far. It's a very enjoyable place to exercise the gym is very well run. (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)

Kathleen, Aged 74

Much more mobile and I am more upright and also walking better. I am very pleased with the results. (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)

Hilary, Aged 67

I feel more mobile and have lost 10 inches, I feel a lot better for joining. (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)

Wendy, Aged 53

It's the best thing that's happened for women of all ages. The staff are all brilliant and it's great to meet new ladies . . . well done. (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)