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20 good reasons to start a Friendly Gym programme 


1. Look more attractive

2. Live up to true potential, physically and mentally

3. Minimise and even reverse the effects of ageing (live longer)

4. Feel healthier

5. Feel happier

6. Tone and firm up

7. Reduce and control weight

8. Increase athletic skills

9. Prevent disease including arteriosclerosis, heart, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes and certain cancers

10. Assist the immune system and increase the bodies resistance to infections.

11. Improve flexibility and joint mobility

12. Have fun

13. Relax more, eliminate or cope better with stress

14. Achieve a better body

15. Rediscover a zest for living

16. Speed up recovery after injury

17. Make new friends

18. Increase endurance

19. Gain strength and energy to live to the full

20. Raise body metabolism, more lean muscle to control body fat